I am a graduate of Missouri Baptist University's broadcast media program. In my time at MBU I studied audio for music and radio applications, videography in both short and long formats and live A/V production. Outside of school I have had the opportunity to be involved with several independent recording projects for St. Louis artists, including my own project, Steeples. With Steeples I have managed social media and graphic design elements, as well as all recording and producing for our four mixtape EPs. I have also utilized my videography and graphic design skills to create attractive and unified marketing campaigns for each release.



Not many people can say that they turned their childhood passion into a real career path—but I can.

When I was a little kid, my parents gave me a Playskool dual microphone tape recorder. I don’t remember why they bought it for me, but I do remember filling dozens of tapes up with everything from pretend radio shows to original songs I would make up. Around that same time, my Grandma had a video camcorder she had purchased to document memories made at family gatherings. Every time I went over to her house I would commandeer the camera to make my own movies, using any family members around, willing or not, as actors. I was never content with letting my imagination stay in my head; I had to turn it into real, tangible expressions through recording.

In my teenage years, those childhood interests transformed into writing and recording in bands, making short movies and internet videos with my friends, exploring my creativity and broadening my production knowledge to the best of my ability.

Nearly two decades past the plastic tape recorder and Grandma’s camcorder, I am now a graduate of Missouri Baptist University’s communications program. I still write and record music as well as produce, edit and mix musical projects. In my education I have had the opportunity to write and produce podcasts, construct sound design and original music for plays and musicals, write and shoot news and documentary video and get my feet wet in professional audio and video environments. My years of experience from an early age have allowed me to develop an eye and ear for stylish, high-quality results.


Image credit: Shawgo Studios